Medicine is the study of disease and what causes man to die. Chiropractic is the study of health and what causes man to live.

B.J. Palmer

Der Doktor der Zukunft wird keine Medikamente verschreiben, sondern bei seinen Patienten das Interesse für das Sorgen um den menschlichen Körper, seine Ernährung und die Ursache und Vorbeugung von Krankheiten wecken.

Thomas Alva Edison

Welcome Maria-Anna Fachinger-Hommel

I am happy to welcome Maria-Anna Fachinger-Hommel (healing practitioner) in my clinic!
She is specialised in energetic therapies and offers among others:
- classic and systemic homeopathy
- deep relaxation (Brandon Bays)
- quantum healing (Dr.Kinslow)
- ear acupuncture
- meditation
Maria-Anna helps people to be able to manage their daily routine with physical wellbeing and joy. Her patients also learn to have more awareness for their life.
I am looking forward to a successful cooperation and the positive exchange!

Chiropractic Evening

The time has come!

As of February 2013 a chiropractic evening will be held every first and third Monday of the month from 7-8pm.

What does a healthy life style include? Is it even possible in today’s world to live a healthy life? Is it true that deodorant can cause breast cancer? Or that drinking milk can cause osteoporosis? What should we do to prevent illness? And what can we do ourselves for good health? Why does the nervous system play such a big role in health? And how does chiropractic come into play?

The evening takes place in a small group and an open athmosphere and its aim is to create an awareness of the factors Bewusstsein which influence our health negatively or positively. Examples will be named and practical advice will be given. I will be gladly answer your individual questions. Gerne beantworte ich auch Ihre individuellen Fragen. (If you have complex questions please let me know beforehand.)

All customers of Leb Chiropractic, their family, friends and colleagues and all others intrested in their health are harmly invited to join the evening.

Since seating is limited please register with us prior to the evening.

I am looking forward to seeing you!


Monika Berger

Photos of the opening

The opening was a great success and we want to say thank you to all the interested people celebrating with us.